Ehsan Mani to lead Pakistan Cricket Board

A debate since Pakistan had completed their general elections and the new government was going to be formed started about PCB head, now finally going to end as Ihsan Mani (nominated by patron) going to lead the Pakistan Cricket Board.
It is always a hot topic that, PCB chairman shouldn’t be changed with respect to change in political scenario, and it has completely vanished when ICC made Pakistan Cricket Board draft a constitution and form a BOG which has the power to choose or elect head of the PCB, that power is being manipulated in some other way in our country, that patron nominated a person and whole BOG has to vote for him because patron is the current PM of Pakistan. This makes tough for fair election or any fair call to have a neutral chairman.

Previous PCB Chairman was nominated by Ex-PM of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif and he was also then elected as a Chairman PCB after getting a vote of confidence from the same Board of Governors. Many called Sethi’s tenure was wonderful in which Pakistan made remarkable achievements and some of his critics never seen happy on his decisions or work ethics. Many media anchors pointed out through their programs on TV and on their social media about irregularities in Sethi’s era and are still suggesting new set up to put an inquiry on previous chairman’s decisions or irregularities he made by his one-man show nature (as he did during Shaharyar’s tenure) when he was PSL Chairman and member BOGs. Furthermore about his team who are also responsible for the decline of our domestic system and facilities. Time will tell what will be the decision being made by the new setup, but now this is sure that Najam Sethi is no more PCB & PSL Chairman.
Now let’s talk about Ihsan Mani who is being nominated by Patron in Chief Mr Imran Khan (PM of Pakistan). Today he will be taking charge after some formal work on his election day, as no one is going to oppose him so it won’t take much time to take his formal charge as a PCB Chairman. Ihsan Mani has a strong resume and fans believe he will come up with proper reforms in our cricket to bring some positive change.
Ihsan Mani born on 23rd March 1945 in Rawalpindi, he was right-hand batsman & a very good left-arm fast medium bowler during his school and college life. Ihsan Mani represented Pakistan in the ICC at various positions from 1989. For the 1996 & 1999, ICC Cricket World Cup, he was on the advisory committee as the PCB representative. Another assignment was elected by the ICC member nations to the position of Chairman of the ICC Finance and Marketing Committee and remained in this position until it was dissolved in 2002. After that post, he took over as the Vice-President of the ICC Executive Board which was another brilliant post. In June 2003, Ihsan Mani became the ICC President.
Quick changes required:
1. Domestic System & Infrastructure
2. Old faces to be removed from PCB and regional offices
3. Proper check and balance on every project
4. PSL’s audit
5. Bringing International cricket back in Pakistan
I believe Ihsan Mani’s tenure is going to super awesome and only wishing best of luck to Pakistan Cricket’s structure to flourish in a professional manner and hoping to hot a full flash home series in our country Pakistan.

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