What is actually going wrong with M Aamir ? This has been one of the biggest question regarding his extra ordinary ability to swing the ball both ways , which has been suddenly lost after bowling huge amount of overs in ODIs wicket less for a bowler who has been spearhead striker for Pakistan over the years.

The core reason for the loss of swing is that M Aamir has been bowling with a very hard wrist over the months , any one who has played even club level cricket and has been a fast bowler understands that fast bowlers tend to bowl with hard wrist when they are unable to generate pace with their natural run up and bowling throw. Due to fear of loss of pace the wrist becomes naturally hard to keep up the pace , but the core reason remains with their back or shoulder injury or stiffness which is causing lack of rhythem for the fast bowler in order to generate the required amount of pace . When a fast bowler is fully fit and in full rhythm the real pace is generated through a full rhythm run up and bowl throw where the body supports the run up and wrist is flexible enough to generate swing with the pace but unfortunately this has not been the case with M Aamir lately. Even if you compare his walk towards his run up mark after every ball he bowls , of a year before to today , his body clearly shows the stiffness , which is not very good for a fast bowler trying to hit 90 km/h mark every ball he bowls.

I hope proper physio training / recovery with rest is required for M Aamir to be back in full rhythm again and since he has been the most consumed bowler for Pakistan since his comeback I guess the amount of cricket he played has pushed his body to the limits which cannot bare any more presure.

I hope this is realized by the team management before he breaks down due to a major injury.

Written by Safeer Ul Haque


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