Controversial statements that only LALA could make

There is no one like Afridi and there could be no one like Afridi. He is perhaps the most celebrated cricketer of Pakistan with a fan base of millions both in the country and outside the country. He is amongst the very few cricketers who is worshiped by his fans yet at the same time the trolls could just destroy him. Whether it’s his erratic batting style or his bold statements, Afridi continues to be in the headlines even when he is not playing.

Shahid Khan Afridi made his debut for Pakistan on 2nd October 1996 against Kenya, however, he didn’t bat and went wicket less. In the next match against Srilanka, Afridi broke the record for fastest century in ODI cricket, reaching his hundred from 37 balls. The eleven sixes he struck also equaled the record for most in an ODI innings. Aged 16 years, Afridi became the youngest player to score an ODI century.

He played 99 T20s for Pakistan and scored more than 1000 runs. He represented Pakistan in 398 ODIs and scored 8064 runs, he has also taken more than 390 wickets in ODIs. Power hitter Afridi had the audacity to turn the match over in a matter of split seconds, whether it was in 2012 against India during the Asia Cup or in 2009 during the T20 World Cup. Afridi has single handedly won matches for his country.

Despite such magnanimous performances, Afridi is particularly famous for his controversial statements. Time and again he says something which makes the headlines and leaves us wondering that has he really said this! His recent comment on Kashmir has sparked another controversy for him.

Let’s take a look at some of the most controversial statements Shahid Afridi has made in the recent past.

  1. Women should cook

Few years back when a news anchor asked Afridi about his views on a women’s cricket team in Peshawar, Afridi laughed and replied,

Our women have great taste in their hands and they cook very tasty food,” 

This statement fueled plethora of controversies as many regarded his statement highly chauvinistic. He was criticized for his choice of words and the feminist army went crazy after him. Such statements coming out of the mouth of a national hero could have a lot of negative repercussions especially in Pakistan where opportunities for women are scarce and one needs to undergo considerable struggle to reach at the top.

  1. When Afridi Behenzoned Sana Bucha

Another incident when Afridi got considerable coverage on social media was when he enjoyed a scrumptious Suhoor at veteran anchor Sana Bucha’s house but what caught everybody’s attention was a picture in which Afridi was squeezed in between 6 women in an awkward manner after which he even shared a tweet which said,

“Thank you sister @sanabucha for the fantastic Suhoor last night,it was a pleasure catching up with the faces of Pak Entertainment Industry”

The whole Twitter world went haywire after this tweet and the trolling that followed was unimaginable!

  1. Pakistan doesn’t want Kashmir

Just recently Shahid Afridi once again landed in hot waters when he said, “I say Pakistan doesn’t want Kashmir. Don’t give it to India either. Let Kashmir be independent.”

This statement raged a war of sentiments on both sides of the border. Nationalists from India and Pakistan badly trolled Afridi and many regarded him as Anti Pakistan. Afridi had to offer a clarification later on to ease the situation, however the trolls never stopped.

  1. Money has always been an issue with Miandad

It seems Afridi and Miandad always find something or the other to fight over. After his farewell match, the former captain slammed Javed Miandad, terming the legend a man who is ‘always after money’.

Money has always been an issue with Miandad. That is the difference him and Imran Khan,” said Afridi.

He said this in reply to a query by a reporter who quoted Miandad as saying ‘that Afridi wants a farewell match only for the money’.

  1. I feel more loved in India

2016 was indeed the year of controversy for Afridi as another remark of his made the headlines. During an interview Afridi said that he feels more loved in India than Pakistan. Though later Afridi clarified that he said it to improve relations between both the countries and there is nothing more dearly to him than Pakistan but he invited prodigious amount of hate after this one statement.

Apart from these there is a whole list of Afridi goof ups which could leave one absolutely flabbergasted. After all controversies which have dominated Afridi’s career we could only say one thing about boom boom, you can love him, you hate him but you can definitely not ignore him!



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