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First Naya Nazimabad All Manghopir Iner-School Football Tournament

Karachi:(Sports Reporter) The inaugural  Naya Nazimabad All Manghopir Iner School Football Tournament will starts from tomorrow  on Tuesday, January 2019 at the new developed beautiful lash green football Stadoum. the tournament formally inaugurate at 3:00 PM.

The all 12 Participating Teams belongs to Manghopir have been divided in four pools and the tournament round matches will be played on league basis and progress through group stages to ,Semi’s and Final. The semifinal will be played on 15th and 17th january  while final will be be on january 20th.

Pool A: Magnus Star, Brite Star andKIPS Star.

Pool B: Oxford Star, Five Star and Abaseen Star.

Pool C: Young Star, AMPSA Star and Z.M Star.

Pool D:  Danish Kings, Shinig Star and Babul Ilm Star.

On the opening day two matches will be played. Mangus Star Vs. KIPSA Star (3:00 PM), Young Star Vs. AMPSA Star  (4:00 PM)