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“Criticize us on our cricket and keep our personal lives away from it,” says Imam-Ul-Haq

Opener Imam-ul-Haq responds to his critics while addressing media at Gadaffi Stadium Lahore today. He said: We also have personal lives and families so if you spy our meals and our outings then it becomes very hard for us to perform.

He further added: “You have every right to criticize our cricket, we are here for it and it has nothing to do with our personal lives.”

The 23 years old Imam-ul- Haq who played his first World Cup stated: “This World Cup was special for all of us as many of us were playing their first World Cup. It was a good campaign as we won 5 out of 9 matches. Unfortunately, we couldn’t qualify for the semifinal due to run rate for which we and fans are equally upset.”

Commenting on the India vs Pakistan clash in which emotions of fans are overly involved, he said: “We accept that we lost against India, we were all very emotional, no one wants to lose against India but that’s a game, it’s a sport so we should keep it is as a sport.”
Using social media while tours upset a player that’s why Imam abstain from it. “I don’t use social media during tours that’s why I have no idea about these news and memes,” he told reporters.

Being nephew of the Chief-Selector, Imam faces a lot of criticism which he uses to up his game. “It has been two years in Pakistan Cricket Team and I am in my learning phase. I always set higher goals for me and the challenges only make me stronger. I can’t stop my critics, I respect their opinion and try to keep my fans happy through my performances.

Speaking of his individual performance and role in the team, he mentioned: “My role is to anchor the innings and to play complete fifty overs. My strike rate is 80 above and I am working to ameliorate it.”
Imam thinks England are capable of lifting the World Cup.

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