Olympian Shafqat Rasool regrets being a hockey player

Pakistan’s national game Hockey has turned into a complete disaster. There was a time when Pakistan was ruling hockey with all the major titles in men’s international hockey. But after the tenure of Air Marshal Nur Khan, the downfall of Pakistan hockey started and till date, our national sport is suffering badly.

There was a time when Pakistan was the most successful team in hockey with four World cup titles, even till now Pakistan is at the top in terms of most World Cup wins.
Pakistan has produced some great names in hockey including Samiullah, Hassan Sardar, Shehnaz Sheikh, Kalimullah and Shahbaz Ahmed.
In this current era where cricket is the leading sport in the country, hockey players feel left out and regret their decision of choosing hockey.
One of the eminent players of this time, Shafqat Rasool is extremely disappointed with the current setup of hockey. In an interview to Samaa TV, he said: “if I had played half of the matches of my career in cricket, I would be very famous today.”
Olympian Rasool has represented Pakistan in 209 international matches and scored 100+ goals for his country.
The integral part of Pakistan hockey team, Rasool, has been serving Pakistan since 2008 and aspires to play 10 more matches to complete triple century of the game.