Pakistan dominates the scrabble world yet again!!!

The Junior World Scrabble Championship 2019 is won by Pakistan at Torquay, England

Syed Imaad Ali becomes the youngest JWSC winner in history at just 13

He is only the second player ever to win two major youth titles

The top three positions claimed Pakistani players

Runner up: Daniyal Sanaullah
3rd : Hassan Hadi Khan

Shangrila Pakistan team successfully defends 5 of the six age category titles

Under-18  World Champion, Taha Mirza (Pakistan)

Under-16  World Champion, Rory Kemp (England) 

Under-14  World Champion, Saim Waqar (Pakistan) 

Under-12  World Champion, Monis Khan (Pakistan) 

Under-10  World Champion, Misbah ur Rehman (Pakistan)

Congratulations to every Pakistani