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SportsFever360 partners with Ludimos for the Middle East and Pakistan


Ludimos is an online cricket platform that helps cricketers around the world to train smarter and develop skills faster using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Our vision is to bring data-driven and personalized coaching to every player in the world, especially at the grassroots level, helping them to reach their dreams with the help of data and technology. Ludimos is built by cricketers for cricketers and through a structured online platform, Ludimos is already providing its services in various parts of the world.

SportsFever360 is Pakistan’s leading sports solutions and digital solutions company. The organization offers its services in Pakistan, Middle East and other neighboring countries, and is constantly expanding its reach to connect sports enthusiasts all over the world.

We envision to positively disrupt the world of cricket, by digitizing it so that every cricketer gets equal access and opportunity to be coached and to make themselves visible. We are currently working on multiple domains such as digital sports promotion, sports solutions, content development, digital solutions, event management, product development, digital broadcasting and technological innovation. At SportsFever360 we believe in constantly pushing the envelope further to uplift the sports industry once again!

“Technology has been playing its role in the advancement of sports industry. Especially, in cricket, where it started from the heat maps and trajectory tracking for third umpire assistance, to the point where we are now talking about an Artificially Intelligent platform that tracks player analytics and performance. I am hopeful that the technology we are bringing will allow the stakeholders to discover more avenues and prospects while offering its core advantages in terms of efficient coaching and training”, said Sohaib Irfan, CEO of SportsFever360.

Technology plays a vital role in any field; therefore, it is the need of the hour to incorporate technology in cricket. This will not only raise the standard of the game, but it will also benefit other sectors associated with cricket.

Digitization is the future, so this is the best time to introduce different technologies in sports to bring innovation. Cricket being the heartbeat of Pakistan, provides multiple areas to work on. Knowing this fact, we are working to revolutionize cricket and to some extent, we have achieved this feat.

“For millions of talented grass-root athletes, we offer a platform to chase their dreams by providing access to quality coaches and smart tools powered by Artificial Intelligence”, said Madan Rajagopal, Founder & CEO of Ludimos.

The partnership between Ludimos and SportsFever360 will open-up a new era of talent development and coaching in Pakistan and the Middle East. The use of the latest technologies in cricket coaching will upshot in several benefits, and who knows, it could be a turning point for cricket in Pakistan.

With a wide range of services provided by Ludimos, the game of cricket will only get better. The use of Artificial Intelligence in cricket will take this game to new places in Pakistan, enabling

cricket clubs to take strides towards becoming bigger and better. It will boost the efficiency of the coaches and players by giving them the opportunity for visual and structured learning. Players’ management can also be done easily and hassle-free.

Pakistan is immensely talented in cricket and the talent here waits for career-defining opportunities. Ludimos is providing an excellent opportunity for passionate individuals to hone their skills under foreign coaches without any travel hassle. This will be a game-changer for our local Pakistani talent.

It is expected that this new venture in cricket will completely change the face of this game in Pakistan.