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Martial artist Rashid Naseem has made his way into the Guinness World Record once again

Martial artist Rashid Naseem achieves Guinness World Record of 32,686 punches in one hour.

Pakistan’s renowned martial artist Muhammad Rashid Naseem has received three certificates from Guinness World Record on his achievements.

Rashid is an official Guinness world record holder who broke four world records in three days. With 32,600 punches in the shortest time, he beat the England’s world record.

He made his way into the Guinness World Record by breaking the most difficult British world record of England’s Paddy Dolly.

In May this year, he also seized another Guinness World Record by cracking over 256 walnuts with the help of his elbow within 60 seconds. He received certificates from Guinness World Record on his achievements.

Paddy Dolly hit more than 28000 punches in one hour. It is worth mentioning here that Paddy Dolly is known as the world’s fittest athlete and Guinness World Record has given Paddy Dolly the title of World Foot East but Rashid has proved his superiority by hitting more than 4000 punches against the best athlete in the world.

Rashid, who is 32 and has trained in martial arts, had previously held 59 Guinness World Records for Pakistan so far. In another record, Rashid Naseem beat India’s Prabhaka Reddy’s record by a clear margin. Pabhakar Reddy hit the target 106 times in 3 minutes with a weight of 5 kg, but Rashid Naseem hit the knee 152 times in 3 minutes. In the third record, Rashid Naseem successfully hit the elbow 765 times against India’s Sambin Singh 713 times and set another record in the name of Pakistan.

Rashid is also a founder and President of Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts. He has a YouTube channel where he regularly uploads videos related to martial arts, self-defence techniques, nunchaku stick fight, sword training boxing kickboxing, taekwondo, karate, and freestyle fight.

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