Aalia Rasheed the first female Sports Journalist of Pakistan – covered Sports over past 30 years

Aalia Rasheed is a leading female sports journalist and analyst in Pakistan

Aalia started off her career as a sports journalist in a time when the presence of women in sports was a rarity and was considered a social taboo. During her career as a sports journalist, she participated in a number of radio programs from Karachi centre. Moreover, in her journalistic career, she covered several national and international matches and tournaments of cricket, hockey, squash and tennis.

She faced a lot of difficulties and pressure as our society was not ready to accept a woman as a sports journalist as it is a male dominant field. In an interview talking about the challenges she faced in her career, she is of the view that in this field if a man makes a mistake people ignore it and if the same mistake is made by a female journalist people would question her knowledge and skills.

Aalia Rasheed Published Magazine

Aalia contributed in two sports magazines published from Karachi titled, ‘Cricketer ‘and ‘Akhbar-E-Watan ‘. In the late 80s, she also published her own magazine that went by the name, ‘All Rounder’.

Won National Awards

In 1990, she became the first female anchor on national television (PTV) to conduct sports programs and won national awards for her remarkable efforts as well.

As a solo presenter, Aalia covered live transmission of the Hockey World Cup from PTV centre Lahore for 14 consecutive days in 1990.

Aalia Rasheed Published Books

Aalia has written books on the achievements of Imran Khan and squash legend Jahangir Khan as well.

Aalia as Best Director

She directed many plays. Some of the plays are Karvat, Talash, Chaap, Khwaab Se Khwaab Tak, Chaukat, Bichdeyeinge Ab Kaise, Baji and much more. Aalia also received the award in the category of the best director once. Her play ‘Baji’ was telecasted on the eve of Women’s day in Pakistan. She is also very active in the direction in present too. Aalia Rasheed also directed a documentary on the Pakistani cricketer Misbah-ul-Haq by the name of Captain Calm.

In a recent TV show on Geo Super discussing the performance of Pakistan team in ongoing test series with England the senior journalist Alia Rasheed asked Sikandar Bakht that why he is still talking about Sarfaraz Ahmed performance as he is not a part of the team and he should praise Muhammad Rizwan who is doing well in wicket keeping as well as batting in this series. She suggested Sikandar Bakht to be honest in his analysis. In response to this Sikandar Bakht got angry and didn’t praise Muhammad Rizwan on his performance rather he attacked Aalia Rasheed that she has not played any Test match so she shouldn’t question his judgments saying “whoever has never held a bat and has not worn pads should not teach us footwork.”

Aalia Rasheed is of the view that she has and if she is not efficiently working then why Geo TV management invites her. She added further that Sikandar Bakht also hasn’t worked as a journalist, not even one day, this doesn’t mean that he cannot talk on a tv show.

We are of the view that Aalia Rasheed is on the right position in her views and Sikandar Bakht should be honest about his analysis he should avoid lobbying and he should not attack personally a woman instead he should respond to criticism decently.