Shehroze Kashif becomes world’s youngest mountaineer to summit K2

They say the sky is the limit and young Shehroze Kashif is living by it. The young and valorous boy Shehroze at the age of 19 has made history by summiting the second largest peak K2 earlier this morning at 8:10 am. He is the youngest climber in the world to summit the mighty K2 (8611 m).

Just two months back, on May 11th, Shehroze became the youngest Pakistani to scale the world’s largest mountain peak, Mount Everest. He is on a mission to summit all the 14 Broad Peaks and through his grit and passion, he will soon achieve this feat. Project 14 8000ers started when he to summited the Broad Peak 8047 meters just at the age of 17 in 2019 as the youngest climber in the world.

Shehroze started his journey from Islamabad on 9th July to make history which he did 18 days later despite facing tough weather conditions.

The journey of the successful summits started in 2014 when he was just 11 years old and scaled Makra Peak (3885m). To date, he has done 10 major expeditions.

He was featured in the Hamaray Heroes campaign in HBL PSL VI for his numerous achievements in mountaineering. In that segment, he mentioned the lack of support towards the mountaineering community.

“Currently, there is no scope of mountaineering in Pakistan, mountaineers struggle here and being a mountaineer, I am also struggling. We (in Pakistan) take too long to realize and acknowledge our climbers and when it happens, they are already gone.”

Speaking of his inspiration he said: “my inspiration in mountaineering is Reinhold Messner. I try to learn from him and follow his path.”

Out of 14, Shehroze has successfully raised Pakistan’s flag on 3 8000ers which is his biggest dream. With the same level of fortitude and resilience, Shehroze is soon going to summit the rest of 8000ers. The unstoppable Shehroze Kashif has a long way to go, and we are certain that the valiant Shehroze will make history soon.

The intrepid Shehroze Kashif is being managed by Pakistan’s leading sports firm Trans Group as part of their athlete management group. Trans Group with 25+ years of experience in the sports industry has always played an integral part in endorsing and nurturing the local talent. This expedition is sponsored by Trans Group and TPT.

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