Academy360 is the solution to enhance your academy to the next level with online payments, tracking the performance, enrolling new programs, etc. You can showcase our solution in your custom domain and promote it to showcase all the programs and events taking place in your academy.

Admin Control Panel

The admin console is an all in one complete management system for the administrator of the academy. The admin can create, edit, update, hide and delete programs, admit players into programs, create/register coaches and volunteers to the academy and assign them to various programs. They have a complete overview of the attendance of the players along with all the feedback that has been shared on the platform. The admin can setup multiple payment gateways, record the cash flow, etc

Academy Programs

The academy administrator can use the program management module to create new programs for the academy. The administrator can easily create programs by quickly filling in all the details for the program. Admins can edit, update, hide and delete programs. They can enable and disable registrations to a program along with having the functionality of manually admitting players to a program.

Academy Facilities

The admin can display all the facilities available in the academy so that users can verify if all the facilities they require are available and they can then register for their desired program.

Academy Events

League admins can upload the tournament rules into the documents section of the competition management. Any time a new document is uploaded, an email notification is triggered to all players in the league.  In addition, administrators can publish news on the league portal laying out any changes to the rules.

Practice Sessions

Academy coaches can now conduct practice sessions on the Score360 mobile app and score practice sessions of the players to keep track of their performances. The scoring will have performance metrics options like pitch map, shot type and wagon wheel.

Player Performance

The practice sessions scored on the app will generate insights of the players performance like pitch map, shot type and wagon wheel. These performance indexes will be helpful for the players to identify their strengths/weakness, analyze their performance and develop their skills.

Player Attendance

The program coach can keep track of the player attendance for every session on the Score360 app. It is a hassle free process and the reports can be tracked and downloaded to track the class performance.

Powered by CricClubs

SportsFever360 and CricClubs have come together in an exclusive partnership for Pakistan and the Middle East for their services and products. This solution is a White-labelled product for Pakistan and the Middle East governed and operated by SportsFever360 respectively.

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